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Pioneers In Trenchless Sewer, Water and Gas Lines Replacement with a very Minimum Yard Damage
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  • Tankless Water Heater
  • Trenchless
  • Trenchless Gas Lines
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The mission of Mr Drain® and Drain Cleaning of San Jose is to create, find and support programs that directly improve the health and well being of children.  The beauty of our world is only with children.


We believe that when you change a child’s life, you change a family’s, which can change a community, and ultimately the world.

At Mr Drain®, we want to be part of that change and part of the solution in improving the lives of children and their families.


A charity can mean many things, but in general it refers to a nonprofit public or private foundation. It differs from other types of nonprofit organizations because it centers itself around philanthropy and community aid. There are many types of charities; everything from volunteer organizations at homeless shelters to emergency relief funds that help disaster victims to international children associations that helps starving kids all over the world. Whatever group a charity is formed around or by whatever activity it employs to raise money and awareness, a charity promotes the common good and public interest. Some foundations are centered on raising funds to help give back to the community. These types of charitable organizations hold events such as auctions or galas where people can donate money for a worthy cause. Sometimes these are organized by individuals, while other times large corporations sponsor these events to increase funds. Donors can either contribute money privately or anonymously give grants to make a more sincere impact. If however, you are looking to join a charitable organization but want to give time rather than donate money, consider volunteer opportunities. Whether you want to save the earth by planting trees or serving soup in a homeless shelter, charities tend to have programs where people can join to give back to their community. To find out more about various charities in your area or globally, start by doing some research. Type in related keywords to what type of charity you are looking for and what type of contribution you would like to make.

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